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The Swindon Research and Innovation Group (RIG) for Computing seeks to improve the teaching of ICT in Primary and Secondary schools in Swindon.

This is achieved by discovering innovative teaching wherever it is being practiced and re-disseminating it back to the wider schools community.

Alongside the ongoing regular meetings of ICT Subject Leaders / RIG members, which are held termly, there are RIG Working Group Meetings. These provide a forum for discussion about specific projects and initiatives. Our current focus is the integration of new technologies into schools – for example tablets, programming software and the latest generation of Virtual Learning Environments.  RIG Working Group members have the opportunity to work together to develop and extend the reach and effectiveness of computer technology in all its forms in local schools. The combined expertise of this group has the ability to guide the wider school community through the upcoming curriculum changes and to help practitioners to evolve their teaching practice, maximizing the effectiveness offered by modern computer technology.

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